It is believed that the first settlers of the Maldives immigrated from neighboring countries; these events date back to 5 th Century BC. Traders from Arabia, India, Sri Lanka etc…visited the Maldives to exchange goods during the early days. These visitors contributed much to the language and culture of the Maldives. Maldivians practiced Hinduism & Buddhism during the early days; a Moroccan Scholar converted the country to Islam in 1153 AD. And since then Maldives has been a 100% Muslim Nation.

The abundance of cowry shells, coir rope and ambergris in Maldives attracted the Portuguese to Maldives. Consequently the Portuguese launched attacks against Maldives until they captured the country in 1558, in 1573 the Portuguese were chased away from Maldives with great bravery of few Maldivian Heroes.

British Influence in the Indian Ocean had effects on Maldives too. They recognized the strategic location of Maldives and offered Maldives a treaty which finally put Maldives under British Protectorate in 1887. Even today historians disagree the extent of freedom Maldives had under British Protectorate. Maldives finally got Independent from the British in 1965. This historic agreement was signed on 25 July 1965 in Sri Lanka. However they stayed in Addu Atoll until 1976. A written constitution did not exist in Maldives until 1932, customs and traditions along with Islamic Shariah formed the Law.

In 1953 the Maldives was converted to a Republic. However the republic was short-lived, after only 8 months the country was once again transformed to a sultanate and lasted a Sultanate until 1968. In 1968 once again Maldives was transformed to republic. On 11 November 1968, Mr Ibrahim Nasir was proclaimed the First President of the Second Republic. And In 1978 the current president Mr Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom was elected the President of the Maldives.